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One Time Karma Opportunity

New players signing up with a Karma link is that player’s ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to start off with more than the normal amount of Karma!

Plus, it gives Karma to the player who gave them a Karma link :) Grab your Karma link from the Dashboard! :D

Good Things To Know

💙 - Players leaving GC can never be a detriment to this game, as EE (Early End) creates FREE SPs (Spot Passes) for multiple new players!

💙 - Karma is awarded when we do good things, like; inviting our friends/sharing our gifts - and in turn it will reward us throughout our journey in the game!

💙 - GC can be played with zero financial contribution, and gives anyone in the world the chance to play!

💙 - Multiple charities can gain from each player’s participation!

💙 - GC is simply awesome!

Strategies for Better Results

Fast Graduation Guide by Genitwa

Some people just want to give to charity and give to others. Some people are very new—and relatively reluctant—to this concept, and they are at least willing to face their fears of parting with their cash, even when some do not believe or have faith that it will be easy for them to carry out their own needs.

Whichever is the player’s style, emotions, or preferences, there are still methodical and strategic ways to accomplish different goals. Here is an example strategy.

For this strategy, the goal is to get 1 Active Pool (AP) to graduate as quickly as possible through all of the ranks.

  1. For every 1-2 weeks, enroll into a school that is equal to the amount of funds that you would also be comfortable “saving” / giving away.
  2. Once you undergo your first Senior Graduation, use your Free D to Mint Spot Passes. You will do this for the extra KP to help your pools graduate faster.
  3. Mint as many Angelfish Spot Passes as possible immediately after you receive your Free D, but if a situation will arise where you would end up minting more than 10 SP’s of the same class, definitely mint some Dolphin and Whale SP’s so that the number of Angelfish SP’s you mint are greater than 5 but no greater than 10. This will get you a massive amount of KP!
  4. When your Highest Ranked / Graduated pool has much lower Fresh Fish than your other Active Pools, turn on the Early End (EE) option. However, pay attention! You want to keep EE on so that all pools other than the Active Pool containing your highest educational graduation will all Early End. For this strategy to work, you want to turn EE back OFF to prevent the likely hood that your highest graduated Active Pool DOES NOT EARLY END. This will also get you massive KP to help your AP’s graduate faster than the other pools!

Genitwa (talk) 09:49, 4 July 2021 (UTC)

Maximum Delegation to Charities

This is an interesting use of Early Ending your auto-enrolled pools to get more Free D for Charities, while still building to the top tier Orca Graduation for delegating the maximum amount of donations/gifts to Charities!

This strategy is written for the Whale school; however, it will work proportionally work for every other school as you build yourself up to the Whale school! For the whale school, this strategy will automatically delegate over $1.1 million to charities and leave you with at least $1 million of Free D to delegate to any charity you want!

  1. Enroll into the Whale school. If you do not have $10,000 in Free D yet, start off in the Angelfish school using the "Fast Graduation Guide" in this wiki. Alternatively, you can always develop your own strategy or even use the "Maximum Delegation to Charities" that you are reading here! You can do it! :)
  2. Once you undergo Normal Graduation, you will see that you are re-enrolled into the Whale school and enrolled into the Whale+ school (Advanced Whale school).
  3. At this point, turn Early End on, but watch your game status and Active Pools very closely: you want to Early End graduation on the pool that you automatically re-enrolled into, but you do not want to EE on the pool that you have progressed the furthest on.
  4. Go to the Delegations page, and use all of your Free D to give to the Charity of your choice. Note: at this time, Charities have not been integrated into the game, so you will have to withdraw your Free D to give to the Charity of your choice. Dear Reader: do the community a favor and remove this message for everyone else once Charities have been integrated! :)
  5. Repeat this process starting from Step 2 for all schools you are re-enrolled into.

--Genitwa (talk) 23:36, 10 July 2021 (UTC)

How Do GC Pools Move

1) FREE SPs - At graduation you can delegate some of your gifts to Free Spot Passes - the $100 pools allows for 2 to be created, but as the higher pools populate and graduate much higher amounts of passes can be created

2) EE (Early End) - If anyone decided to leave in other games it often caused a blockage or hole in the flow of the game, here in GC someone leaving creates multiple FREE SPs, and the game pushes everyone upwards and any players before you, into your empty spot creating extra flow!

3) Marketing - although our marketing team haven’t started any marketing yet we will have a dedicated team working on this soon

4) Word of Mouth - once people grasp how the game works and see for themselves how easy it is to play they will inevitably share their knowledge and invite people they know and love


If players have the ability to see the bigger picture and delegate wisely the flow is much faster - delegating to others (FREE SPs or Charities) also raises your karma points increasing flow for your particular pool(s)