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What is Karma?

NOTE: Karma is still under development. This page is likely to change at any time!

Karma is a "score" that gives players statistical priority over many game events. It will be referred to as Karma Points ("KP"). How do players get priority? For example:

  • All players have a Karma Link (“KL”) and this link allows players to earn extra KP.
  • Active Pools with the most player Karma ("Pool Karma") will have the greatest chance of Fresh Fish joining their pool. Do note that Pool Karma is balanced so that it is not possible for any pool to always attract the freshest fish!

Ways to Earn Karma (Rules)

Once you Connect Your Wallet, go to the Dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see how many Karma points you have and your Karma Link. Use the Karma Link to invite friends to give GIVING a try!

  • The minimum amount of Karma any player can have is 0.1 KP.
  • All players start with the minimum amount of KP.
  • When a player signs up after following a Karma Link (KL), they receive an additional +0.5 KP, resulting in a total of 0.6 KP.
  • The owner of the KL receives +0.5 KP for every player that signs up after following their KL.
  • The owner of the KL receives +0.9 KP for each of the first Enrollments for each School. (Note: automatic enrollments through Graduation will not earn the KL owner KP.)
  • Minting a Spot Pass also earns KP.
  • Early End Graduation will earn the graduating senior KP. Will earn in a future update.

Pool Karma

All pools have their own base amount of Pool Karma (pKP), which is equal to all pool members' Karma Points (KP). Pools also have "Bonus Karma Points" (bKP), which allows their Total Karma Points (tKP) to grow over time. The pools with the most tKP will statistically graduate faster than other pools.

  • Pool Karma (pKP) = The Sum of all pool members' KP
  • Bonus Karma (bKP) = Extra Karma that is earned
  • Total Karma (tKP) = pKP + bKP (Base Pool Karma plus Bonus Karma)


  • pKP only increases in value when any pool members' KP increases.
  • All Pools' BK starts at 0.
  • When Pools attract Fresh Fish, that Pool's BK resets to 0, and all other Pools of the same Class (School) of lesser TK receive extra BK.

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