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Player Basics

Players can use their full name or display name (username, screen name, etc.) for recognition on Gifting Cafe.

All players select their Energy: masculine or feminine.

All players have Karma.

Players have 2 modes of Graduation: Normal Graduation or Early End Graduation.

Player Types

Anonymice are still on the surface, and they have not yet gone deep into the oceanic heart of Gifting. This player is not registered for the game and they have no Karma. Anonymice are eligible to receive and have the first priority for Spot Passes.
Non-Active Gifter (NAG)
The player is registered but is not enrolled into a gifting pool.
Active Gifter (AG)
The player is enrolled into a gifting pool.
Special Types / Titles
When the first player reaches Orca status, the top 4 players will receive a unique title and unique abilities.