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Gifting Café: "The Café that keeps on Gifting!"

Gifting Café is a charitable prosperity game that reminds (teaches) adults that we live in an abundant world! Come for a safe place to experience web3, crypto currencies, and the spirit of giving and receiving! :) Play the Game at


Welcome to the Gifting Cafe wiki! This is a community-driven documentation hub for everything about playing Gifting Cafe. There are general Rules that you must follow so that your account is not banned.

July 12, 2021
We have news today! As well as a new game update! Multiple players have undergone Senior Graduation already! Wow! And at least 6 Spot Passes were minted from graduations from the 100$ schools to give new players a try. Due to the graduations, players discovered that the pool after Angelfish graduation is another Angelfish pool. We will call this the "Angelfish Advanced" or "Angelfish+" pool, and the gift size for enrollment is $400. Many other pools have been written out in this wiki as a direct result of the assumptions gained from recent graduations. Congratulations, players!
Later today, a new update will be applied to the game, and this covers:
  • Implemented better Ether transaction management to resolve prototype transactional issues.
  • An issue that caused Gifts during the Pre-Release phase to not enroll players has been fixed and all affected players will notice that they have been enrolled.
  • Minted Spot Passes now show up on the Delegation page under the Transactions section.

--Genitwa (talk) 18:37, 12 July 2021 (UTC)

Read about past updates in the Release History.


Any actions performed outside of the Gifting Cafe app cannot be supported by the app. For example, if you send Ether or any token to a known Gifting Cafe address, that transaction will not be a part of Gifting Cafe. That transaction cannot be the responsibility of any moderators for Gifting Cafe.

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Game Basics

Karma Link = person joins pool assigned by GC, you receive Karma Points ••• Direct Link = person joins under you but you receive no Karma Points ••• No Link = person joins pool assigned by GC ••• We shall hear more about karma as the game progresses

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