How to Play

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Getting Started

  1. Install the MetaMask web browser plugin if you do not have it already. Gifting Cafe operates on web3, and MetaMask is required so that your browser has web3 capabilities. Firefox browser has the best support for MetaMask and web3.
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Connect Wallet" on the top right.
  4. Fill out your player profile:
    1. Use a valid SMS phone number!
    2. Use an email that you check often. Gifting Cafe will not spam you, and it will only inform you about time sensitive (and important) game notifications. (Notifications have not been implemented in the prototype--check Gifting Cafe often!)
    3. Select your “Energy”: Masculine or Feminine. This feature is important for future player abilities.
    4. Display Name: select a display name if you do not want your first and last name to be public.
  5. Enroll in your first School: the Angelfish or Whale school.
  6. Not ready to try out giving? Give your friends a Karma Link to increase your chances of receiving a Spot Pass!

Once Enrolled

After you have Enrolled into your first school, you become a Fresh Fish! For a little more than 10% of the time, you will automatically graduate once you became a Fresh Fish. That’s just because you’re smart :) And maybe your Karma Points have something to do with it, too!

  1. In the Dashboard, you will see the "Active Pools" section. Press (or click) your first Active Pool to get information about that school, learn about your team members, and achieve your team's goal!
  2. The goal is to attract 8 Fresh Fish to your pool so that you will all learn and graduate together. To attract Fresh Fish...
    1. Increase your Pool's Karma. Do this by giving your Karma Link to friends and family to inspect what Gifting Cafe is all about! The more Karma you get, the more Karma your Pool will have. Read more about Karma.
    2. Use a Direct Invite Link. This will directly invite a player into your pool, but be warned: you will not receive KP, and your pool will loose pKP!
    3. Read more articles on this wiki to better understand the game and strategies. Bookmark this wiki's website:

Get to the Next School!

Angelfish aspire to one day become Whales, but it takes dedication and desire! Once you undergo Senior Graduation from the Angelfish class, you are placed into the Angelfish (Advanced) class, and then you officially become an Angel! :)

Angelfish graduate to the Dolphin school. New players cannot enroll into the Dolphin school directly like they can directly enroll into the Whale school.

Ultimately, Dolphins graduate and become Whales. This is a huge player development! Players who once confidently gave and enrolled later, at the Whale school, find themselves giving 100x more than before!

You can Drop Out any time!
But we prefer to call this an "Early End" :)

All Schools and Levels

  1. Angelfish
  2. Dolphin
  3. Whale
  4. Super Whale
  5. Orca

Each school has a 2nd level. This is the “advanced” level. Little is known and published on the Orca school, but what is known is that there is no “advanced” level of Orcas.

At the time of the prototype’s launch, the highest level players have advanced to during pre-registration is the Whale school. The Super Whale and Orca schools are known; however, they remain undiscovered, and those discoveries will be written here by the future generations of players! —Genitwa (talk) 19:47, 3 July 2021 (UTC)

Seasonal and All-Time Leaderboard

These plans will be implemented as players develop further into the game.

Players who have the...

  • Most Gifts
  • Most Karma
  • Most Minted Spot Passes
  • Most Graduations
  • Most Early End Graduations
  • Longest Graduation Streak
  • Top Orcas